Owner/Director of Marketing

Robin is a master at making her hard work look easy. Color, design, trend, are all components of creating beautiful gardens that starts way before the planting ever gets under way. Finding what really inspires our customers is what Robin is truly gifted at. Be it new & different or classic or bold, This lady is sure to bring the colors and design you'll want in your home & garden!


It gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment to see people leave the greenhouses happier than when they arrived. The greatest thing I can do is foster a culture of care & love for our neighbors. You'll see this inspiration in the plants we grow and the service our people provide to each and every visitor at our Nursery.

Retail Manager 

Dakota is the daughter of Jeff and Robin Prior. When Dakota isn't in the nursery she enjoys dancing, playing the Saxaphone, and spending lots of time with family and friends. Dakota always has a smile ready and a kind word to share. She is a graduate and certified from Proven Winners to care for and to sell the right plants for your gardens and planters. Need help designing a container garden? Dakota has an artistic flare and can help you come up with a unique combination for your landscape. 

Greenhouse Manager

Sarah is in her 4th season at the nursery. Sarah enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping and exploring the black hill with her dog Opal. Sarah is pursuing a degree in Biblical counseling and also hopes to continue he love for horticulture. Sarah is always smiling, is always eager to help out. She loves getting to know the customers each and every time they come to the nursery. 

Greenhouse Land Maintenance Keeper

Gunner is the son of Jeff and Robin. He is often seen planting in and out of the greenhouse, doing maintenance, landscaping, and helping out wherever it is needed around the nursery. Gunner enjoys playing basketball, golf, video games and archery, and spending time with family and friends in his free time.

Adam Muhm
Greenhouse  nursery  landscape 

Adam is in his 3rd year at the nursery doing maintenance and landscaping. Adam is a Custer High School graduate. He loves football, hunting and playing with his dog (Name). If you see him around the nursery he probably loading trees, shrubs and building and fixing items to make our greenhouse more of a success. He also assists out in the field helping with landscaping which includes: operating heavy equipment and planting anything that needs to be done.


Jacob Selan 
Greenhouse Nursery landscape 

Jacob is in his 4th year at the nursery. If you ever you need someone to load dirt or big trees he is your man! He also assists out in the field helping with landscaping which includes: operating heavy equipment and planting anything that needs to be done.  Jacob is currently getting his degree in Mechanical Engineering from School of Mines and Tech. His hobbies include hiking, kayaking, and anything in the great outdoors.



Merchandising Manager

Destinee is in her 2nd season at the nursery. She enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and shopping in her spare time when she not in school and working. She is a graduate of Western Dakota Tech with a degree in Business Marketing and Management. She plans attend Floral School in MN in the fall. Destinee loves to help you create a combination with unique colors, styles or designs using her extensive experience in floral design to add artistic flare to your gardens.

Sales Associate

This is Laura Adrian's first season at the greenhouse. With a great love for all things beautiful, she'll be a great person to go to when you need help finding the perfect colors for your container gardens this year! Laura is growing a photography business, and loves capturing the simple and extraordinary beauty of the hills, along with doing family and portrait photography. In her spare time she love hiking with her dog, blogging, picture-taking, playing piano and singing, (she teaches piano, too!) camping cuddling her cat, and exploring the Black Hills! She looks forward to meeting you! 

Color is so powerful that it can persuade, motivate, inspire and touch people's soft spot - the heart.

Brandon Cullum

Brandon is co-owner of the Dakota Greens Rock and Landscaping. Brandon is the one to talk to about your hardscaping needs around your home or business. He will use his extensive experience in operating heavy machinery to make your landscaping dreams possible. Brandon enjoy spending time with his wife and two kids weather its camping in the Big Horns or just relaxing with the dogs at home. Brandon is a wealth of knowledge about mines and rocks in the Black Hills and will use that knowledge to add beautiful rocks features to your landscape.